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Recent Events

  1. My New Friends (Session 1, Part 1)
  2. More than I bargained for (Session 1, Part 2)
  3. Lost on a Strange Island (Session 2 and 3)
  4. Blinded by De-light (Sessions 4)
  5. Varis's Band of Tagalongs (Session 5)
  6. A Stranger We Named Neil (Session 6)
  7. The Sea Drake and the Coral Crown (Session 7)
  8. A Fool's Errand for the Fool's Errant (Session 8)
  9. Rolph the Butcher (Session 9)
  10. Guarded and Unwelcome (Session 10)
  11. The Veil is Dark and Full of Terrors (Session 11)
  12. The Dragon and the Skall (Session 12)
  13. Tower of Horrors (Session 13)
  14. The Headless Librarian (Session 14)
  15. The First Rule of Fight Club (Session 15)
  16. Prison Break (Session 16)
  17. Raakel's Mom Has Got It Going On (Session 17)
  18. Two Heads are Better Than One (Session 18)
  19. Orb Bitch Be Trippin' (Session 19)
  20. Oops (Session 20)
  21. It's Just A Little Seed Pod (Session 21)
  22. Whittling Away (Session 22)
  23. Tying Up Loose Ends (Session 23)

More About the World

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Shameus Payme Dar Shaw's Plateau Cutter Skall (Dragonborn)
Califast The Crag of Kymia Caravel Dwarves
Haegar The Boneyard Galleon Elf
Gordon Marcum Laara' Tal Schooner Half-elf
Ulars Bhet Khelek Frigate Halfling
Raakel Wrathbourne Handa'ksh Man-O-War Harn (Tiefling)
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Sorcerers of the Endarkened Sun The Great Flood Azalea (Autumn) Firearms
The Unconquered The Bloody Bride Praxis Maelstrom (Jason) Cannons
Slavers The Fracture of the Clans Varis (Bryan)
The Elven Migration Gar (Mike)
Has Laara' Tal re-emerged? Keely and Dorn (illia and Nathan) *now retired*
A Gold Relic on Dar Shaw's Plateau?
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